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Information Session


The Monte Jade Executive Mentorship program is the first of its kind program in the Silicon Valley designed to support Asian-American professionals who aspire to executive and leadership positions. The primary differentiator of the MJAA Executive Mentorship Program is the multiple opportunities participants have to learn from executive mentors, discuss career development topics, and broaden their networks.

Interested parties can find out more about the 2014-2015 Monte Jade Executive Mentorship Program by attending open houses held around the Bay Area.


Date & Time


San Jose September 3, 2014
6:30PM- 8:00PM
Cisco Systems, Inc.
155 North McCarthy Blvd.
Milpitas, California 95035
Palo Alto Septemetr  8, 2014*
6:30PM- 8:00PM
2000 University Avenue
East Palo Alto, CA (Map)

*Subject to change.